Relaxation, Mindfulness, and Skills for Dealing with Anxiety

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Relaxation, Mindfulness and Skills for Dealing with Anxiety and Post Traumatic Stress

Because we so often work with people that are highly stressed and dealing with anxiety, many of our therapists emphasize teaching skills that allow clients to reduce anxiety.

It is common for clients to be dealing with stress but to never have been taught more effective ways of dealing with it. Our therapists are able to work with clients on developing skills for relaxation and stress reduction. Our therapists also frequently help clients deal with anxiety that is related to prior traumatic experiences, whether the clients have been diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or not. All of our therapists are eclectic therapists, but many emphasize cognitive behavioral approaches because of its well-researched effectiveness for helping people make changes in a short period of time.

Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy and DBT skills training:

At our West office, Sarah Darrington, Susan Huebert, and Ingrid Dennis all have specialized training in teaching mindfulness and dialectical behavioral therapy skills, along with other cognitive behavioral approaches.

In East Wichita at 1861 N. Rock Road, Marilyn Possett, has extensive training and experience in cognitive behavioral therapy. A significant portion of her practice is specialized in anxiety disorders.

In East Wichita at 250 N. Rock Road, Vanessa Whalen has had training and supervision in cognitive therapy as well as in expressive therapies, such as the narrative approach. She has years of experience working with survivors of domestic and sexual abuse. A large portion of her practice is devoted to working with those with anxiety, particularly children. Vanessa is herself a yoga and mindfulness practitioner and incorporates those techniques into her practice when appropriate.