Life Coaching

life coaching

Life Coaching in Wichita or By Phone

Are you a mentally healthy person who would like to:

  • be more successful
  • set and achieve goals
  • build better relationships
  • get organized
  • build your business
  • manage stress better
  • or achieve¬†better balance in your life?

We can coach you in our office, by telephone, or at one of our workshops.

Learn to Manage Stress!

When you have a coach, you have someone to help you make a plan of action and set and achieve goals. Coaching services are not mental health treatment and are not covered by insurance.

Instead, coaching is for your personal growth. Individual coaching sessions are $120. Packages of coaching sessions are negotiated with your coach at reduced fees, or look for our Groupon to try out coaching for yourself at a reduced rate.

Coaching is:

  • convenient
  • flexible
  • a way to increase your success

Life coaching is not covered by health insurance. Coaching sessions can happen by telephone or in person at one of our offices. Susan Huebert offers life coaching at our West Wichita office at 520 S. Holland, Suite 401. Vanessa Whalen offers life coaching at our East Wichita office at 250 N. Rock Road, Suite 340. Marilyn Possett offers life coaching at our Northeast Wichita office at 1861 N. Rock Road, Suite 103.

If you would like a sample coaching session, call 729-9965.

(Our usual intake forms do not apply for coaching, as you will not be consenting to mental health treatment and no insurance claims will be filed. Instead, we will discuss with you convenient billing arrangements.)