Adult Psychotherapy and Family Therapy

family therapy

Individual Adult Psychotherapy or Family Therapy at Wichita Counseling & Coaching Center

At our center, we offer individual psychotherapy and family therapy. Many of our clients come to us because they are affected by problems within the family. All of our therapists are licensed and experienced in both individual and family therapy.

When you are using insurance to cover your services, the session will be billed as a service to one identified patient, in either individual or family therapy. At an intake visit, you may come individually or bring as many family members as you like.

Individual therapy is indicated when someone is struggling with personal issues such as depression, anxiety, past child abuse, health problems, or aging concerns. If more than one family member would like their own individual sessions, it is wise to talk to a therapist about whether the same therapist should see more than one member of the family or if family members should have different therapists.

Feel free to ask for a free telephone consultation with one or more of our therapists to determine which approach might be best to deal with the issue that you need help with, which family members name might be most appropriate for the intake paperwork and who should come to the first session.

Family therapy is particularly common when there are issues of:

  • Grief/loss counseling
  • Divorce/separation recovery
  • Behavioral problems of children or teens