Adolescent Counseling and Psychotherapy

adolescent counseling

Therapy with Adolescents at Wichita Counseling & Coaching Center

Parenting an adolescent can be quite a challenge and we have five therapists available to help families meet these challenges. In working with adolescents, therapists must be familiar with the developmental issues of teenagers and have the patience and sensitivity to gain their trust.

Some adolescents are happy to try psychotherapy, but many may feel defensive and do not look forward to the first visit. Unique skills and patience with teenagers are required to get them to engage effectively in the process. In order to make this an easier process we offer free phone consultations to parents so the problem can be discussed and a plan can be made about who should attend the first session and about whether other family members should be involved or told about the therapy.

Call 729-9965 or complete the online request form on our home page to receive a free 15-minute telephone consultation.

We have five therapists that have worked with many teenagers and have the skills, sensitivity, and determination needed for true effectiveness. Click on their names to read more about their practices.

Susan Huebert, L.S.C.S.W. (West office, 520 S. Holland)
Vanessa Whalen, L.S.C.S.W. (East office, 250 N. Rock Road)
Sarah Darrington, L.S.C.S.W. (West office, 520 S. Holland)
Julie McShane, L.M.S.W. (West office, 520 S. Holland)